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We products and services include cylindrical cell,prismatic lithium battery cell and polymer cell, battery packaging and battery solutions, which are mainly used in new energy vehicles, consumer products, and back-up energy storage etc.

We always use high and famous quality cell assemble all kinds of battery pack, eg
Sanyo 2200 mah AY  AA  20RX  25NSX;
LG MJ1 18650  3500mAh, MH1 18650 3200mAh, M50LT MH1 F1L   M26  MF1 H30A M29 H40 H26
Samsung 18650 3500mAh 35E, 15LM 15MM  25S 33G 50E 25R 20R  26JM 32E 40T 29E7 29E6 30Q  22FM  30T  50S 48X 48G  50GB  20S
Panasonic 32BD  29PF   35GA6W   103450, GA  18650B
Molicel P42A  P28A, P26A  M35A P45B  53A

We also have established long term cooperation with high quality lithium battery cell other manufacturers, DMEGC,BAK,Highstar,Sinowatt,LiShen,Cham,CBAK, Gotion, Coslight, EVE, CATL, CALB, etc brands lithium ion battery cell.

Our batteries are widely used for Ebikes, electric scooter battery,electric motorcycle battery, Energy Storage System etc. We offer wide range of lithium ion battery packs with very competitive price and worry-free service, we looking forward to a long term and mutual benefit relationship with all customers all over the world. Now we have customers in Finland,Denmark,Belgium,Spain,France,Italy,Germany,Netherlands,Norway,Canada,USA,Australia,Mexicanos,Panama, Japan,India,Korea etc.

About the shipment, we can provide following shipment methods:
We can provide shipment by UPS, DHL, FEDEX door to door shipment;
We can provide boat shipment, full container load and less container load both okay, we cooperate with famous boat companies, eg Maersk, CMA CGM, MSC, COSCO, ONE, EMC, HMM, YML, HPL, PIL etc.
We can provide truck shipment, train shipment.

Excellent quality, fast delivery, reasonable price, responsible and serious working attitude are the professional qualities that we must comply with!

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Popular models         Why cooperate with us?
Li-ion cell 18650 3.6V2200mAh
Ebike battery 24V,36V,48V
Nickel strip
1. Excellent quality
Li-ion cell 18650 3.6V2500mAh
Scooter battery 48V20AH
Cell holder
2. Rapid delivery
Li-ion cell 18650 3.6V2600mAh
Motorcycle battery 60V,72V
PVC shrink tube
3. Real guarantee
Li-ion cell 18650 3.6V2900mAh
Wheelchair battery 24V20AH
Connector & cable
4. Excellent communication
Li-ion cell 18650 3.6V3200mAh
PVC shrink battery 24V,36V,48V
Power indicator
5. Fast reply on each questions/inquire
Li-ion cell 18650 3.6V3400mAh
Customized battery 3.6V to 72V
Battery test machine
6. Reasonable price
Li-ion cell 18650 3.6V3500mAh
Battery replacement 3.6V to 72V
7. Free technology/skill guide
LiFepo4 cell 21700 3.2V3000mAh
12V battery modules
8. On time market reaction discussion
Li-ion cell 21700 3.6V4000mAh
24V battery modules
Shipment broker
9. No MOQ requirement
Li-ion cell 21700 3.6V4500mAh
36V battery modules
10. Easy shipment by boat, by airplane,by train
Li-ion cell 21700 3.6V5000mAh
48V battery modules
11. Good finance support
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